Simon answering questions at the award ceremony.

IGC, a retail metaverse gaming company that built its platform on the XRP Ledger, announced that it was selected to receive a Reward of US$50,000 under the XRPL Grants Program last year. The judging panel reviewed hundreds of grant applications and IGC stood out as a thoughtful, high-potential project. The objective of the XRPL Grants Program is to support independent, third-party development of projects that leverage the XRP Ledger. “We couldn’t wait to see the progress you make on your project and are grateful for your contributions to the XRP Ledger community and the Internet of Value!” mentioned Monica Long, General Manager, RippleX.

The reward grant was used for the development of IGC’s location-based open-source NFTs. Through the grants process, IGC outlined monthly steps to achieve these goals. The grant combined with the successful roadshow provided IGC with an exciting future.

Intro for the XRPL judges (Creating an Opensource Module) Gaming Marketing and payments on the XRPL

IGC’s CEO, Simon Church, was ecstatic with the news. “The team had been working hard to build a feasible ecosystem that brings together a number of programs – rewards for retailers, metaverse applications, virtual real estate, and an NFT marketplace. IGC decided early on to build on the XRPL platform due to speed, security, and low transaction cost and fantastic community. And we feel that today’s announcement really proves both IGC and the XRPL platform,” he said.

In Game Credit IGC CEO Simon Church

CES 2022 in Las Vegas. IGC Only crypto present.

Simons Church’s IGC team recently made headlines after being the only cryptocurrency to present at the CES show in Las Vegas in early January 2022. This was followed up by their presence at New York’s largest retail show, NRF, in mid-January. IGC and their related metaverse product ihunt4 featured heavily at the NRF, where Simon was selected to display his technology in an exclusive zone set up for the top 50 startups – an achievement that saw retailers flocking to his stall. The largest brands in the world are all excited by the technology and are in discussions.

“Ultimately, this proves that not only are we on the right track, but we also have validation from one of the world’s leading and most respected blockchain ecosystems – XRPL. The grant process was tough – the due diligence was thorough, and I am incredibly proud of the team to not only get through the process but to be awarded a grant,” mentioned Simon Church.

IGC trades on the XRPL platform and is an exciting metaverse gaming company with multiple integrations. The company looks forward to bringing more news on development and retail advancement.

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