Metaverser, a metaverse that lets users enjoy Play-to-Earn games and earn revenue, has introduced a new Game Maker tool. Available as part of the M-Builder V3 update, Metaverser’s Game Maker enables easy creation of unique, immersive gaming experiences in virtual worlds.

The tool lets project landowners try out infinite game-making opportunities without substantial technical knowledge, making metaverse development more accessible to both amateur and professional developers.

New Game Maker: Wanna Build a Little Game?

Game Maker is a tool for creators who own land in the Metaverser universe that lets them build and playtest mini-games in real time. Owing to cross-platform compatibility, Metaverser’s Game Maker connects players across the globe. 

The Game Maker tool requires no coding skills or other technical knowledge. Instead, creators design interactive behaviors and mechanics by dragging and dropping elements via 20 different user-friendly components, with more to be added through continuous updates. Available interaction types include default, visibility, input, collision, trigger, activation, NPCs, HUD, rewards system, value, sounds, and VFX.

To populate their worlds with engaging characters and create a dynamic experience, developers can add custom Non-Player Characters into their builds. They can tailor these NPCs using Game Maker’s advanced dialogue system, forming engaging narratives with intuitive node-based, multiple-outcome conversation systems.

In-game prizes can be used to incentivize players, create a sense of accomplishment, and drive engagement within virtual worlds. On top of that, developers have the ability to password-protect their virtual spaces, giving access to certain users only.

From Windows and MacOS to Xbox and PlayStation

According to Anoush Ohadi, Metaverser’s Founder & CTO, the project’s plans include an increased focus on multiplatform games.

“Once we are done with the full development of the Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android releases, we will launch the metaverse on Xbox and PlayStation consoles,” said Ohadi. “After that, as we have already created the foundations for Metaverser’s VR, our team will focus on Quest and Apple Vision Pro. We also are using a Manus tracker and glove system, which is set up to capture the motion of singers hosting concerts in Metaverser.”

Check out the official website to learn more about Metaverser. You can also follow the project’s Twitter account to stay in the loop with the latest news.

About Metaverser

Metaverser is a virtual world that encourages users to earn income while enjoying the latest Play-to-Earn titles. To meet the new standards of true asset ownership, the metaverse’s in-game economy incorporates NFTs and native non-fungible tokens. 

The players can meet, chat, compete, and team up with others from all over the world. The driving force behind Metaverser is the aim to bring virtual worlds within one click from the users and make them more accessible.

By NFTwows