The Biggest Airdrop of 2023, a Gaming Exchange is giving +100 000 USD from 15th of May on!



  1. GGtoro enables importing your existing gaming assets under one roof.
  2. Trade, stake & lend skins, gamecredits nfts for profit!
  3. AI Trading of NFT’s
  4. Support of Bitcoin Brc20 Chain.

TGE in 26th days

Chain : Ethereum & Brc-20

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  2. Follow GGtoro on Twitter:
  3. Retweet the first Tweet on twitter
  4. Join the Whitelist


  1. The first 50 participants will get 50 GGT (50$ USD)
  2. You will get +20 GTT for each referral.
  3. Users who participate in the GGtoro Airdrop will also get a chance to win a $1000 USD Bonus.

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By NFTwows