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In Game Credit, a leading XRPL project has developed an easy to deploy blockchain credit system that helps game developers deploy real utility assets into games they are developing. The multiple game IGC module incorporates core functionality that is usually difficult to implement on the blockchain. The turnkey solution provides an easy way for developers to integrate blockchain functions such as withdraw, earn and top up.

IGC’s objective is to create a wide ecosystem where the native currency IGC (In Game Credit) can easily be earned, moved, won, spent, transferred between a variety of different applications.

The team at IGC works directly with gaming companies, retailers and government organisations to bring cutting edge XRPL blockchain technology to life.

“We are extremely excited to simplify the blockchain technology and create an easy to deploy modular system that can be used across a wide cross section of games” mentioned Simon Church Founder IGC.

The IGC team have produced a unique turnkey solution that can be reskinned across multiple platforms and scenarios. The aim of the modules is to build a large empire of applications that use the same utility asset. IGC has already attracted over 5000 different cryptocurrency enthusiasts who hold the play to earn token and look to quickly grow the holders as the hundreds if not thousands of games are released to market.

In the production line for builds the team have acquired multiple AR games, RPG and soldier games, AR flight games and a variety of different puzzle games. All of the games are test cases to test the underlying infrastructure that connects the games to the XRPL blockchain.

IGC actively looks to acquire or partner with high quality games in which to apply the block chain technology. By partnering or acquiring new ready to go games or existing games with multiple downloads the team looks to aggressively gain a larger market share in the exciting gaming market.

In Game Credit makes it easier for developers to integrate an existing valuable asset into their gaming asset. In return IGC provides utility, easy code and market exposure to their games. IGC also offers sponsorship in conjunction with partnerships providing support to gamers who wish to try the technology.

“We take the complexity out of building complex blockchain gaming credit systems and offer an easy solution to build on a fast growing ecosystem. Players are attracted to an asset that they want. IGC are building the utility for a credit system that plays want. Let players decide where they want to send their credit system” mentioned Simon Church IGC

Simon answering questions at the Top 50 award ceremony.

IGC – In Game Credit is an advanced blockchain company that specialises in the XRP Ledger. As our technology is powered by the XRP blockchain our products offer super fast transactions, super secure and low gas/ transaction fees to reward your player base. The team offers ready to go modules and sponsorship to deploy IGC within exciting games.

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